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Conditions Treated

Physiotherapy is indicated for a wide variety of acute or chronic conditions.  Examples of common conditions seen in the clinic include (but are not limited to): 

Soft Tissue Injuries:

e.g. muscle tears, ligament sprains

Back Problems:

e.g. sciatica, lifting injuries

Shoulder Pain:

e.g. rotator cuff injury, dislocations

Sports Injuries:

e.g. cruciate ligaments, tennis elbow

Following Orthopeadic Surgery:

e.g. joint replacement (knee, hip)



e.g. jumpers knee, knee cap problems



e.g. stiff neck



e.g. hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle

Postural Problems:

e.g. neck / back ache, scoliosis


e.g. joint stiffness (knee / hand)

Hip Pain:

e.g. bursitis

Ankle / Foot Pain:

e.g. plantarfascitis, heel spur, sprains

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